The Infinilytics Charlee™ cyber solution is trained on an extensive and comprehensive study of data from history of past cyber incidents. The Charlee™ cyber solution will reveal hidden patterns of risk in various sectors and types of businesses for a better understanding of risk and appropriate pricing.

Likelihood and Severity of Cyber incidents based on various industry sectors

Use Case #CRM1

Description: Provides the Likelihood and the Severity of Cyber Incidents and Risk Analysis for new business evaluation by industry sectors and company type.

The Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine (patent pending) provides Cyber Risk Managers the ability to learn from past Cyber incidents and leverage those insights into Underwriting models. Artificial Intelligence generated insights (patent pending) give Risk Managers the confidence to determine the likelihood of a Cyber incident such as an Unauthorized Disclosure, Website Disruption, Industrial Control Issue, Identity Breach, or a Data Breach in various commercial sectors. Cyber insights are based on aggregate industry wide cyber related data and are developed using Infinilytics proprietary machine learning algorithms.

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