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With Big Data Analytics, tackle all the problems faced by the insurance Industry. Infinilytics brings Data Driven Decision Science Solutions to your business
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“Over the last 30 years I have been providing, coordinating, and developing adult education and training to Law Enforcement, Financial Institutions and the Insurance Industry.  It is most often difficult to find service providers like Infinilytics who maintains the requisite skills, expertise, and knowledge to provide such services.  Infinilytics provided training to our claims managers, investigative and executive teams on current insurance fraud schemes, trends, mandated government compliance reporting, and best-practices in investigative services and  management.  The program provided by the Infinilytics team was useful and well received offering cutting edge technology solutions for our teams to consider.   – Joey Cox, CIFI, SCLA, IRE – MetLife Corporation, CEC/Special Investigation Unit.

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