Charlee™ – Insurance Insights Engine (pre-built, pre-trained)

Claims processing is the moment of truth for any Insurer. Claims also provide the highest degree of customer engagement amongst all of the many processes within insurance. Claims data provides excellent visibility into your customer, product and coverage insights which are very important for Claims, Underwriting, Legal, Actuary, Product Management, and Marketing.

Charlee™ A.I. and Machine Learning-driven insights bring to light these patterns, KPIs, and valuable analytics by connecting entities, timelines, sentiments and topics. Charlee™ insights are born from claim data, both making them very contextual and relevant to your business. Every department in your enterprise can benefit from these claim-based insights. These pre-trained insights are supplemented with benchmark data, as well as your data, including data from internal and external documents.


Trends in Technology

“The world isn’t run by weapons anymore, or energy, or money. It’s run by ones and zeros — little bits of data. It’s all electrons. There’s a war out there, a world war.


Problem Solving

When the communication and collaboration among the stakeholders in an anti-fraud program erode, bad things will happen. All of us have critical roles in the fight.


Speed to Detection

Speed to detection is a progressive and strategic concept using advanced anti-fraud analytics. Reaching this goal must start with an honest discussion about technology.


Data is Puzzle

The sheer volume of data, the format, the structure, sources and availability is forever changing. Where do we obtain the appropriate data and information.