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With Big Data Analytics, tackle all the problems faced by the insurance Industry. Infinilytics brings Data Driven Decision Science Solutions to your business
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Fraud Expertise

  • Civil, and criminal, insurance investigations, and related white-collar crimes.
  • Insurance claims and underwriting business processes.
  • Expert Testimony, SIU Compliance & Operations.

Customizable Solutions

  • smartCTM 2.0 with M.O. (modus operandi), smartHC
  • Text Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Social Media Analytics, Social Networking Analytics, Transaction Analysis and Machine Learning
  • Solution Customization using our 4 step process: Learn, Explore, Customize, Implement

Thought Leadership

  • Leadership for the insurance and risk industries
  • Your strategic partner for improving your claims process
  • Progressive futures scanning for insurance and risk related trends and solutions
  • Advanced Analytics strategic planning and implementation including enablement for current and future operational intelligence

SIU Training

  • State of California, Department of Insurance – SIU Regulations and Compliance
  • Best practices for claims investigations
  • Current trends for fraud schemes, and how your company can close the gaps
  • SIU Subject Matter Experts particularly for specialized areas such as stolen vehicles, salvage vehicle scams, fire/arson, organized crime rings, including Interviews Process/Best Practices/Techniques

We believe that analytics is about the 4R’s: Right data, Right people, Right Time, Right decisions. We use a very unique approach in keeping your team members, business processes and data synchronized. We believe that analytics cannot be achieved in a day, but needs to be built every day with a TRUSTED ANALYTIC PARTNER. Our Infinilytics Experience is all about this journey which combines expertise, solutions, and training to bring you the ROI, which results in strengthening your customer relationships.