smartC™ is a SaaS based application that integrates well with any claims management software either real-time or in batch. smartC™ performs advanced analysis of claims internal data along with external data such as social, weather, forms data and more. smartC™ automatically collects external data based on claims data and merges them together within few minutes of receiving claims data. After collecting the data, smartC™ then applies its algorithms to look for patterns all this within few minutes. Each time claims has incremental information, smartC™ continues its behavioral analysis to ensure accuracy. smartC™ advanced analysis includes:

Analyzing medical billing transactions (ICD9 and ICD 10) for coding validations.

Analyzing unstructured text such as emails, notes, interviews, bills, forms, free form text fields, comments for patterns

Analyzing and detecting patterns in correlation with location and weather

Identifying, extracting and analyzing patterns within claims, social and any other relevant external data source

Fast tracking claims that are genuine and flagging claims that have questionable patterns based on behavioral analysis of the claims and its relevant external data, this is what smartC™ excels at

Simplifying access control, assignments, dashboards and use of an advanced analytic application that crunches data so quickly and keeps it relevant has never been so easy. smartC™ UI is very interactive and easy to use delivering value with quality analysis

Why smartC™?

Most business intelligence software focuses on internal data...


How many times have honest customers been forced to...


When processing a claim manually, there are many factors...

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