Charlee™ is the first Artificial Intelligence Insurance Insights Engine (patent pending) that was trained on over 30 million claims. There are over 40,000 insights which help your Claims and Underwriting teams discover valuable patterns within your data which will lead to lower costs and severity.

Claim Severity Management

Use Case #PT1

Description: The Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine provides Claim Examiners and Managers a 360 degree view of all the structured and unstructured data to better manage the severity of the claim.

Low impact speed collisions with soft tissue injuries are the number one issue in addressing claim severity in the automobile line of business. The proper identification and classification of these types of damages are critical to identifying, tracking severity and potential litigation.

The Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine provides the Claim Examiner to accurately identify track injuries so the proper course of action can successfully resolve the claim. The Power of Artificial Intelligence Insights will reveal hidden patterns leading to high severity. Charlee™ will give your claims team the ability to discover these patterns quickly, learn from them, and be ready for the proper actions to ensure a quick and fair settlement.

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    Severity Analysis for Hurricane Claims

    Use Case #PT2

    Description: Key Insights Comparing Hurricane Severity

    According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there are an average of 17.7 hurricanes every decade. The Property and Casualty Insurance Industry struggles with massive losses from these storms every year. The severity of these weather-related claims, including litigation costs, can be challenging to analyze quickly due to the volume, the type of loss, specific damage to the property, and the late reporting of the claim.

    Claims Managers and Underwriting Analysts can benefit from Artificial Intelligence-generated insights to provide severity comparisons of the significant storms. The Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine has 40,000 plus insights. The Charlee™ solution was developed by analyzing over 30 million claims. Charlee™ identifies critical topics, events, and entities and interprets the unstructured text in the claim file notes and internal and external documents utilized in the claims process. Charlee’s insights can assist the Claims Examiner in potential cost savings and avoid litigation.

    Underwriting and Claims Managers can leverage the Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine for better and more confident decisions for future storm seasons.

    Claims Insights

    Use Case #PT3

    Description: The Charlee™ dashboard provides the Claims Examiner a quick and easy view of A.I. insights for the Cause of Loss and LOB, so the appropriate action can be taken.

    Claims Examiners are the critical link for customer satisfaction. The volume of claims can overwhelm the most accomplished Examiner. How can you ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, which can cause the claim cost to increase? The Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine presents valuable Quality Control (QC) Alerts and Red Flags (RF) for the Examiner to have confidence in deciding the proper course of action and decisions in investigating and resolving the claim.

    The Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine dashboard is intuitive and straightforward for the Claims Examiner. When the claim is received, the clock starts running for legal compliance and other deadlines. Your claims team will significantly benefit from A.I. generated insights in meeting these deadlines and controlling costs.