The Artificial Intelligence Insights generated by Charlee™ acts as an early warning system for the Claims Manager and Senior Claims Examiners. Charlee™ provides litigation prediction for the claim weeks before an attorney becomes involved thereby allowing the claims team to avoid the high costs of litigation.

Open Claims Predicted for Litigation and Litigation Avoidance

Use Case #LA1

Description:  Charlee™ provides a quick view of open claims predicted to be litigated, but have not yet fallen into the litigation category.

The power of Charlee™ for litigation prediction allows the Claims Examiner and Manager to identify the claims at risk for possible litigation, allowing the claim handler to take action to resolve the claim efficiently and promptly. The Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine (patent pending) will alert the user weeks before the claim falls into litigation. Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing, coupled with Infinilytics’ proprietary insights, brings these predictions with over 80 percent accuracy.

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    RedFlags (RF), Quality Control (QC) Alerts and Recommendations for the Claim Examiner

    Use Case #LA2

    Description: The Charlee A.I. generated insights by claim.  They are presented as RFs, QC Alerts and Recommendations based on industry best practices for the Claims Examiner to review and take the appropriate action.

    The Charlee™ Insurance Insights Engine has prebuilt Red Flags (RF), and Quality Control (QC) Alerts to aid Claims Examiners in processing a claim starting at the First Notice of Loss through settlement. The Red Flag Alerts signal the Claims Examiner that there are potential indicators of fraud, potential litigation as well as possible high severity. The Quality Control Alerts provide instant feedback to the Claims Examiner to follow-up taking appropriate steps in the claim process. The Quality Control Alerts follow industry best practices as well as assist in meeting government regulatory compliance.