Charlee™ Search

Search to Patterns in Minutes. Litigation,
Reserves and Severity Management made
Seamless, Efficient and Easy (SEE)

What is Charlee Search

A simple semantic search for finding patterns and aggregate insights, laid out to you in a set of easy to read, clutter-free infographics, and fine-tuned with almost 100 years of combined domain experience. Charleeā„¢ Search makes it seamless, easy and efficient to manage litigation, reserves and severity

Did you know that more than 70% of all claims data is in an unstructured format?

Such as claim notes, email, PDFā€™s, invoices, letters, reports, external data and more.

This makes it impossible to analyze important and hidden data for loss that is not a standard loss term..

The lack of analytics softwares for unstructured data makes the claims managerā€™s job of finding high-risk patterns a very difficult, time-consuming, inefficient, and manual process.

Thatā€™s where Charleeā„¢ Search comes in. With Charleeā„¢ Search, finding emerging and existing risks is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you have to do is enter a keyword, choose some filters and press ā€œsearchā€, and you have all your insights laid out to you in a set of crystal-clear, easy-to-understand infographics. The best part is, Charleeā„¢, Search can support most of the common unstructured and structured data formats, and will handle all your documents with a level of security befitting a company that is both HIPAA and SOC2 compliant.

Charleeā„¢ Search Features

  • Start with any loss cause keyword, which may or may not be a structured claim field, and discover significant, high cost, and high severity patterns.

  • Customize any filters whether structured data fields or Charleeā€™s unstructured fields or patterns for accurate analytics and insights.

  • The quick summary view displays cost and litigation cost drivers along with the context of what patterns cost or is litigated the most when you mouse over.

  • Structured and unstructured data based KPIs such as cost, volume, timeline and cause of loss breakdowns

  • Entities and Topics extracted from unstructured data (internal & external sources) are correlated with cost and litigation patterns leveraging our patent pending machine learning and AI algorithms

  • Drill down from any patterns or KPIs for a list of claims behind those patterns. These claims are based on the semantic search based analytics and machine learning patterns


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