Leadership Insights in the Year of Disruption – 2020

Innovating in InsureTech The year 2020 is winding down.  The [...]

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Automating the Claims Process with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Workflow Automation, Litigation Prediction, Fraud Recognition with Charlee™    Five [...]

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Identifying High Cost Claims with Predictive Analytics

If you could search your claims database for insights that will allow you to reduce indemnity and loss adjustment expense, what would you search for?

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Insurance leaders are constantly trying to predict what is around [...]

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Optimizing Claims in the Face of a Pandemic V2 04-04-2020 (SVIA)

Hello World 2.0!  In a short amount of time suddenly [...]

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Aspire General Insurance Company Selects Infinilytics to Optimize Claims

Infinilytics,an Enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics provider delivering solutions for insurance organizations, is pleased to announce Aspire General Insurance Company (Aspire) has selected the company’sAI-based, smartC™ platform, and its Charlee Suite (Charlee) of claims optimization tools,to streamlinethe claims process, reduce costs, and create an improved customer experience.

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SOC 2 – Announcement

Infinilytics is proud to announce that we have completed the [...]

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2018 Keynote – Eastern Claims Conference

The reign of Artificial Intelligence is on an upward swing, and it’s time for industries across the board to adapt to the changing landscape.  Join ECC for an unforgettable keynote presentation by John Standish, Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer for Infinilytics, Inc.

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The Value of Predicting Claims Litigation with Artificial Intelligence

The time tested axiom in risk management: “If it’s predictable, it’s preventable”[1], holds true today in the business of property and casualty insurance claims. What’s really amazing is that we can take that axiom and energize it with artificial intelligence,

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Enhancing the Claims Experience with Artificial Intelligence – smartC™

InsureTech and artificial intelligence (A.I.) have become the new buzz words and mantra in the insurance industry.  Creativity and innovation is thriving in Silicon Valley with over 1,600 technology companies in the InsureTech space for underwriting and claims.

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