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With Big Data Analytics, tackle all the problems faced by the insurance Industry. Infinilytics brings Data Driven Decision Science Solutions to your business
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About Us


Infinilytics began in October 2012 in the San Francisco Bay area. Since then, it has expanded with satellite offices in Southern California, and India.

Who we are

Infinilytics is a team of claims professionals, data scientists, system engineers, architects, and law enforcement professionals with 140 years of combined experience in insurance investigations and special investigation unit (SIU) protocols.

Our management team and advisers have over 140 years experience in insurance, technology, strategic planning, investigations, organizational development, government, and law enforcement.

Our philosophy

The Infinilytics team believes that if you validate genuine insurance claims efficiently and quickly, your company will retain its current customers, and increase your presence in the marketplace. This is why our SmartC solution emphasizes the “C” for customer in the claims process.


Sri Ramaswamy, is the Founder and CEO of Infinilytics focusing on big data for Insurance, a start-up company based in California. She has over 12 years of extensive experience in Enterprise Applications, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Decision Science in the Financial Services sector. She has experience with convergence of traditional Data Analytics with Unstructured data, Social Media & Visualization capabilities. She most recently served as an Insurance Industry Solutions Architect. Her focus and objective is to provide Decision Science as a Service for the Insurance Industry by enabling Insurance Industry achieve continuous profitability through the usage of emerging techniques in Big Data Analytics.

Sri holds a Masters Degree in IT from Griffith University, Australia with a Higher Distinction in Database Administration. Sri is also an Oracle Certified Professional DBA with a 100% in Performance  Tuning. Most recently Sri attained her Associate in Risk Management (ARM) from AICPCU.

johnJohn Standish, is responsible for product research and design, trends and futures studies, new business development, and industry consultant and liaison for Infinilytics. John also provides consulting and expertise services for anti-fraud programs, SIU operations, insurance fraud, government mandates, and best practices for investigations. Prior to join Infinilytics, John was an Alliance Partner and Ambassador for the SAS Institute.

John has 32 years of experience in California law enforcement, first serving in the California Highway Patrol, and then Chief of Fraud Division, California Department of Insurance. John has over 25 years of experience in investigating, supervising, and managing insurance fraud investigations, both on the State and Federal levels. John has testified in court proceedings as an expert for insurance fraud investigations, and accident reconstruction. John has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars on insurance fraud issues, trends, technology, and legislative issues.


RAMA VENKATESHWARAN - Investor, Chief Architect and Advisor

Rama Venkateshwaran: An alumnus of IIT Bombay and UMCP and a seasoned software architect, Rama Venkateshwaran has a proven track record of innovation. Rama has over 16 years of experience in the telecom industry where he has successfully managed several innovative software projects from R&D to commercialization, spanning a broad spectrum of device software solutions including 3G/4G, WiFi and Android. He has delivered successful projects on shoe-string budgets, saving his company hundreds of dollars and has helped create strategic opportunities

TED CLARK - Anti-fraud SME, Advisor

Ted Clark- Ted Clark has been the Director of the Anti-Fraud Division of the Kansas Insurance Department since 2003.  He has served as the designated Chair of the NAIC Anti-Fraud Task Force for the past eight years and is a board member of several national fraud-fighting non-profit organizations.  He has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Washburn University and is a retired Special Agent of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI).

RAVI CONDAMOOR - Director on Board

RAVI CONDAMOOR, Over the last 18 years, Ravi Condamoor has been an entrepreneur and technocrat, holding senior management and technical positions in numerous organizations and help shape the computing industry with innovative products and solutions. Ravi Condamoor is a board member of Infinilytics. Ravi is a mentor and key advisor on strategy, operations and technology.

In 2000, Ravi co-founded NehaNet, an On Demand CRM Solutions Company for the semiconductor vertical and as Vice President of Engineering, managed all activities related to product development, deployment and support.

Prior to co-founding NehaNet Corporation, Ravi headed the Distributed Platform development team at Portal Software where he was responsible for developing the company’s next generation distributed middleware platform. Previously at Oracle, Ravi led the Architecture effort for the Oracle Application Server and drove the successful adoption of CORBA as the technology infrastructure for the Application Server. He also served on the Oracle Corporate Architecture Review Board, World-Wide Web Consortium and Object Management Group standards efforts. Ravi holds several patents in E-Commerce and On-Line Trading systems and has publicatons in Distributed Computing and Graph Theory. Ravi spent his early career at IBM and Sybase contributing to their Distributed Computing efforts.

Ravi is an ardent supporter of both Open Source and Software as a Service (SaaS) paradigm and has unabashedly practiced them with vim in the last few years.

Ravi holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from University Of Madras, a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas and has completed advanced work towards a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas..

YVONNE - Actuary, Claims SME, Advisor

Yvonne is an Associate Director with Virtusa Corporation in the insurance industry practice.  She is a licensed attorney, actuary and claims adjuster with over 20 years of experience in insurance and reinsurance.  Her experience includes developing and implementing best practices for the successful use of data governance and business intelligence for insurance corporations.  Yvonne’s deep and wide understanding of the industry allows her to bridge the gaps between business, IT and actuarial departments.   She is a natural leader with a strong talent for transitioning strategy into action and achievement.


Phuong Boutsaboulay, Claims SME– Phuong has over 15 years mainly focused on Workers Compensation Claims . Within the past 10 years, she has worked with the Business team in gathering requirements, building processes to create ROI, evaluating and analyzing operational needs, documentation and training for claims management systems in addition to various reporting tools. As a subject matter expert in various Jurisdictional EDI reporting requirements and business processes, she creates business requirements and turns them into functional requirements. She has acted as Consultant for several small to mid-carriers in implementing business processes for EDI reporting.

When not attached to her computer for documentation or in meetings, she can be found volunteering at her young daughter’s elementary school creating arts and crafts or party planning for various gatherings.