Insights to the right person, at the right time, for the right decision.

Charleeā„¢ is a revolutionary Insights Engine for Insurance that allows you to instantly detect high cost and litigation propensity patterns in your claims with a simple search or click.

Introducing the Charleeā„¢ Insights Engine

Simply stated, an Insights Engine provides a deep and intuitive understanding of information from all types and sources both internal and external, structured or unstructured, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Unique and cutting edge, the Charleeā„¢ Insights Engine is different than other Insights Engines because of its three key differentiators.

Three Key Differentiators

Crossing Data Barriers

  • Ability to process both structured and unstructured data formats
  • Built-in connectors to external data sources
  • Patent-Pending smart ETL including Domain Noise Reduction technology

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Insurance Domain Context Interpreted

  • Built-in NLP, AI, Machine Learning
  • Dimensional context analysis
  • Domain-specific knowledge graphs, ontologies, and libraries

Pre-built Insights. Faster Implementation

  • Claim level and aggregate Insights available through APIs or Web App
  • Fraud & litigation flags, alerts and recommendations
  • Cloud based, scalable, secure and continuous learning

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pre-trained insights


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Infinilytics provide?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning insights are provided for you to manage claims severity, litigation, risk, and cost savings more efficiently and effectively.

What is the Charleeā„¢ Insights Engine?

The Charleeā„¢ Insights Engine is the basic foundation of all our products. Smart ETL is used to extract data from all sources, built-in connectors connect to the external data, and AI and ML models remove noise, curate, and add context to the insights extracted. Charleeā„¢ā€™s insights are delivered in two views: One, Claim Level Insights is available through an API. Two, Aggregate Insights and analytics are discoverable through a simple search from a Web application. You can purchase the Charleeā„¢ Suite (both Search and Claim Level insights) or separately.

Where does Charleeā„¢ Insights come from?
What are the different types of insights that Charleeā„¢ provides?

Recommendations are best practices recognized in the insurance industry. Charleeā„¢ identifies gaps in claim files and makes suggested recommendations in processing the claim. Alerts are high severity indicators that if not addressed could lead to high costs, litigation, or non-compliance issues. Red indicate that there is improper or suspicious behavior by the insured, claimant, or another party to the claim. The term ā€œred flagā€ in the insurance industry generally means that there are misrepresentations identified in the claims process

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