Introducing the Charlee™ Insights Engine

Charlee is a revolutionary Insights Engine for insurance that allows you to instantly detect high cost and litigation propensity patterns in your claims with a simple search or click. Simply stated, an Insights Engine provides a deep and intuitive understanding of information from all types and sources both internal and external, structured or unstructured, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Unique and cutting edge, the Charlee™ Insights Engine is different than other Insights Engines because of its three key differentiators.

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Crossing Data Barriers

  • Ability to process both structured and unstructured data formats

  • Built-in connectors to external data sources

  • Patent-Pending smart ETL including Domain Noise Reduction technology

Insurance Domain Context Interpreted

  • Built-in NLP, AI, Machine Learning
  • Dimensional context analysis
  • Domain-specific knowledge graphs, ontologies, and libraries

Pre-built Insights. Faster Implementation

  • Claim level and aggregate Insights available through APIs or Web App
  • Fraud & litigation flags, alerts and recommendations
  • Cloud based, scalable, secure and continuous learning