• Industry Problem

    Insurance Fraud a $120 billion problem, Rising Claim Costs, Poor Claims Experience

  • Pattern Recognition

    120+ Insurance Fraud Schemes coded using AI, Cognitive Behavior and Sentiment Analysis

  • Claims Qualification

    Speed, accuracy and applicability are the keys to claims qualification

  • smartC™

    Reduce Claim Expenses, Claim Costs and Time to Settle ↓

  • Reduced Claim Expenses

    Prediction Accuracy, Severity, Actionable Insights

smartC™, our SaaS solution uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and enriched data to fast track genuine claims while flagging and matching questionable patterns to 120+ insurance fraud schemes and predict litigation. smartC™ uses our patent pending techniques based on cognitive behavior and sentiment analysis to use behavioral patterns for predicting fraud and litigation.







Patent pending algorithms enables smartC™ to process and analyze data from internal and multiple external sources, this includes sentiment and emotion analysis.

Infinilytic’s smartC™ predictive analytics solution uses A.I. and Machine Learning to:


Fast track genuine claims


Predict litigation


Identify fraudulent claims

The smartC™ solution can reduce claims costs by automating business process functions thereby allowing your claims team to focus on the customer.

  • The smartC™ SaaS solution will help reduce the time to settle a claim
  • smartC™ will predict fraud and litigation on your high to low severity claims, help mitigate high severity (litigation) claims sooner in claims process, and deliver 10-30% savings in your claims process

The value of smartC™ for our clients:


Average cost of a claim


Average time to settle a claim


Severity of the claim

“10 – 30% savings”

The smartC™  solution brings a great ROI for claims costs and expenses.  Our current customers are realizing a 10% – 30% in overall savings in their claims.  This includes fraud detection, litigation prediction, and an overall reduction in time to settle a claim.

Automated Data gathering, enrichment and analysis


The claims representative is the critical link in your business process.  Accurate information must be obtained from the policy holder, claimants, and other individuals involved in the claim. The claim representative must be able to accurately analyze all of the facts, and determine if the stories match the evidence of the claim. If you automate the data gathering process and collect the right external data, and then leverage it with your internal data. patterns and trends quickly appear, which leads to better decision making by your claims team.  You can increase your team’s accuracy and efficiency, and lower the costs to process claims.

Fast tracking / Claims Qualification with Intelligence

Genuine claims need to be validated quickly to avoid unnecessary delays, and in certain cases, expedite fast track payments.  Insurers can’t pay claims quickly enough.  The insurance promise is brought into question during a delay in claim payments

Simple, fast and better Claims Experience

Insurers realize it is far cheaper to retain a customer than to recruit one.  In their attempts to retain customers, they frequently extend multiple discount policy offerings or other incentives.
Since paying claims is directly related to customer retention, if a genuine claim is delayed, the customer becomes disgruntled and may move their business elsewhere.

The Statistics Are In Your Favor


Quicker Claims Processing Turnaround


Claims Escalated for further scrutiny


Customer Satisfaction Index


Process Automation